Project "Good mood": ecology with a good mood

The first degree diploma of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus at the Green School Republican environmental projects contest was won by Irina Lagun, the head of the department of environmental and biological work at the Center for Children and Youth Creativity in Dyatlovo, and Alesya Zhilinskaya, a methodologist at the Center. They became winners in the nomination "Green Initiative Green Project" (Green Street direction) for the development of the environmental interactive platform "Good mood".

It was interesting to find out what ideas formed the basis of the winning project, by which he lured the jury of the competition.
Irina Vikentievna and Alesya Sergeevna said that not only healthy children, but also many special children study at the Center for the Creativity of Children and Youth in the city of Dyatlovo. The idea of ​​the project was to create their ecological interactive platform.

The developers of the project decided to divide their site into several zones - thematic sites. The first is the sensory pathway, which contributes to the development of a sense of balance and coordination of movements. The second is a greenhouse with fragrant plants such as mint, basil. Due to their capabilities, children could take care of the plantings or just watch them grow, touch them, smell them. The next area - with a swing for wheelchair users.

Another playground, sports, for table tennis, mini-golf, other games, respectively, with individual capabilities of children. Next is the photozone. Then - an open summer gazebo, where children can engage with Center specialists and volunteers.

And also a tactile zoo where you can pet or feed animals. The project of the interactive platform "Good mood" was aimed at creating a barrier-free environment, instilling a tolerant attitude towards special children. This idea interested in its relevance at first the regional jury, and then the republican.

The direction of the contest "Green Street" was held under the motto "We create, project, visualize the future." Unrealized projects and ideas participated in it, which under certain conditions and the participation of sponsors can be implemented.

Irina Lagun and Alesya Zhilinskaya are not going to stop there. They already have new interesting ideas, but it is too early to reveal the secrets of specialists. We wish them new successes.

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